The Great Depression with a focus on the United States.

You are to prepare a five page, double spaced paper on the Great Depression with a focus on the United States.

1. Use Times Calibri 12 point font.

2. Use one (1) inch margins

3. Graphs can be hand drawn and scanned, prepared on excel or PowerPoint and embedded in the paper.

4. The assignment is to be turned in using ecampus SafeAssign.

5. All sources must be properly noted.

6. You are to work alone on this project. Any collaboration, copying or plagiarism will result in an F.

7. The paper is due no later than November 21.

You are to include the following:

1. What were the causes?

2. Determine and graph the real GDP for the five years before and the five years after.

3. What were the reasons for the recovery?

4. What effects did the Depression have on the population?

5. What effects did it have on our government and financial system?

6. Can a similar event happen again?

a. If so what could cause a similar event?

b. If not, why.

7. Explain what was happening in other parts of the world during this period.

8. Other