What A good CourseWork requires

A CourseWork writing that is academic has an aim of persuading its readers of a certain idea though based on evidence. A  CourseWork writing task must be academic by answering a particular question or responding to a certain task. A CourseWork writing that is academic should possess a thesis statement that could be an answer to a question or an argument.

A CourseWork writing that is academic should discuss or present something; that is maybe developing a thesis through a set of related arguments coupled with evidence and reasoning. A CourseWork writing that is academic must include significant examples, supporting information and evidence from credible sources and academic texts.

Basic steps for a CourseWork writing

Although there are fundamental steps to writing a CourseWork assignment, the process of writing an CourseWork is not a linear process. This is because you might need to work through the numerous stages of writing a couple of times throughout the course of writing a CourseWork. For instance, you might be required to go back to the drafting stage or note-taking stage or maybe the reading stage to find another text that could be used in another step in the writing process.

The steps (not in a strict order)

  • Analysis of the question and definition of major themes and terms
  • Establishing a particular point of view or thesis
  • Researching on the topic. Using journals, books, credible sources of evidence and supporting material
  • Taking notes from the selected readings
  • Writing a plan for your CourseWork and organizing your ideas
  • Setting aside your draft for two days or two then re-read and make necessary changes
  • Have your peer read it for you
  • Edit and redraft your composition
  • Finalize or complete your in-text citations and references
  • Proofread your final draft and hand it over to your instructor

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